Upcoming Events

Sanesa 2019 – Qualifier 4 takes place on 3-5 May 2019 at Europa Equestrian.

Our riders that will be competing are Emma Doxey on Valkor and Gabi Harvey on Quatro.

Inter Riding School Dressage Challenge – 26 May 2019 at Milnerton Riding School

The annual Inter Riding School Dressage Challenge is here again.
It will be taking place on the 26 May 2019 from 8:30 am at Milnerton Riding School.

This is a competition between all the riding schools in the area.
It takes place at the riding school you are registered with and all scores are compared to produce a overall winner.

So you are competing against other riding schools in the comfort of your own yard.

Categories are:

Class 1 – 10 & UNDER (Lead rein optional) – Special Walk Trot
Class 2 – Under 14 school horse/pony – Pony Rider Prelim 3
Class 3 – Under 18 school horse/pony – Preliminary 3
Class 4 – 18 & over School horse/pony – Preliminary 3
Class 5 – Over 10 Walk Trot school horse/pony – Special Walk Trot

Rosettes will be awarded to all classes.

Cost is R200 per rider per class.
Lead rein will be an extra R50.

Entries/ queries to: info@milnertonridingschool.co.za PLEASE USE ENTRY FORM TO ENTER
Closing date for entries: 20 May 2019 before 5pm